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Thanksgiving Surprise

This sweet baby girl wanted to really make a splash when she was born. Everything about her birth was fast and sneaky!

I spoke with this family the Friday before Thanksgiving about possibly attending their birth, and mom said she would call me to let me know their decision on Monday. She wasn’t due for a couple of weeks, so no worries, right?

I woke up with a message on Monday that she was in labor! I scrambled to get things in order so I could attend this birth, and I am so thankful it all worked out!

Mom was working hard by the time I made it to her, and we decided that she should go ahead and make her way to the birth center. Blog Page 1Blog Page 2Blog Page 3Mom ended up getting into the birthing tub, and almost immediately, she met her baby! Later dad shared with me that he didn’t think that she would have their baby in the water. I told you she made a splash!

Blog Page 4Blog Page 5Blog Page 6The midwife didn’t have a chance to change into scrubs. Did I mention that her labor went fast?Blog Page 7Blog Page 8Look at all that hair!!Blog Page 9Blog Page 10The family cozied up in bed while the midwife got ready for Christmas.Blog Page 11Blog Page 16Blog Page 12Blog Page 13Blog Page 14Blog Page 17Working with your family was the perfect way to start the holiday season – Thank you for allowing me to be on your birth team!


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