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Fall Water Baby



I had the honor of serving this family not only as their photographer, but also as their doula. Early on a beautiful Fall morning, this mama’s labor hit her fast and strong. She labored in the bathtub with morning light pouring in and windows open to feel the Fall breeze and birds chirping.

After a pretty quick and hard labor, baby was born in the water at home surrounded by a strong mama and lots and lots of love.

JaHi Blog Page 1JaHi Blog Page 2JaHi Blog Page 3We broke out the rebozo for some labor support near the end. My favorite, though, is when she grabbed dad’s face to support her through a contraction. He took it like a champ and got through it right by her side! JaHi Blog Page 4JaHi Blog Page 5And, then there was a sweet baby boy. JaHi Blog Page 6This is my favorite moment at a birth. The look of accomplishment and relief in a new mother’s face. Just priceless. JaHi Blog Page 7JaHi Blog Page 8Grandma may have snuck in to catch baby’s arrival :) JaHi Blog Page 9JaHi Blog Page 10JaHi Blog Page 11JaHi Blog Page 12Finally, it was time for the new big brother to come meet his baby! This brings tears to my eyes! JaHi Blog Page 13JaHi Blog Page 14JaHi Blog Page 15The midwife checked baby while everyone watched. JaHi Blog Page 16JaHi Blog Page 17JaHi Blog Page 18JaHi Blog Page 19JaHi Blog Page 20It was such an honor to be a part of this birth team! I look forward to seeing your family grow :)


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