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A Belly, Books, and Boulders

When this mama suggested that we do part of her maternity session at the library, I was ecstatic! They were adorable – check it out!

Hearn Maternity Blog Page 1Hearn Maternity Blog Page 2Hearn Maternity Blog Page 3Hearn Maternity Blog Page 4Hearn Maternity Blog Page 5There was a lot of smooching, and there may a little bit of butt grabbing ;) Hearn Maternity Blog Page 6Hearn Maternity Blog Page 7

Originally we had planned to go play on the riverfront after the library and maybe splash around in the splash park to wrap up. Unfortunately there were literally (literally!) a million people there and it just wasn’t an option.

What ended up happening was just so, so, so much better!

First we found a nice grove of trees to walk through and do a little meditation. Direct quote from this sweet girl: “I LOVE the Earth!” Hearn Maternity Blog Page 9Then we happened across this amazing area of boulders sitting on some water. So there was some rock climbing and frog finding. In high heels! Hearn Maternity Blog Page 10And then this mama made my day when she agreed to hop through muddy banks and over slick rocks to take these next shots! Hearn Maternity Blog Page 11Total Earth Mama.Hearn Maternity Blog Page 12AND THEN! We got a full moon rising right at sunset… Truly magical! Hearn Maternity Blog Page 13Hearn Maternity Blog Page 14Thanks for choosing me to document your magical maternity adventure!


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  • Jonna on June 20, 2014

    I love so many of them! Thanks for capturing this time for us!

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